Friday, December 12, 2003

The Wrong Me

The Wrong Me

I thought you’d be the one
Who’ll stay and never leave
The hoe that soon
Will be my one and only boo
…but I was wrong

I thought that you’d give me a chance
To show you what I’ve got
To show you my nice side
To show you how I really feel
…but I was wrong

I thought there’d come a time
That I’d be tha luckiest kid around
Who’ll ride beside you inside your wheels
And drive me crazy over your love
…but I was wrong

I thought all of these
Would come into reality
But as into the real world,
I am really wrong about…
…fallin’ inluv with you

Tuesday, December 09, 2003



I saw you last Friday of November
But it was usually incomplete
Because I didn’t have enough time to chat with you
Though I already think of you no more
Since I saw you again, I realized that I missed you

I saw you again, the Friday of December
Where I’m already expecting
Time seeing you is just waste and impossibility
But many things happened to have a reason
That you’ll see me and tell me stories of what’s up with you now

I’m not sure that I’ll see you again
Or maybe got to talk with you for long
Next Friday or those coming Fridays
I don’t have the power to make these true
But I’m hoping for these to happen in reality

Monday, December 08, 2003



I don’t need to be stoned
‘cuz you’re the reason why
I can’t sleep at night,
Can’t eat every meal and loss my appetite
I don’t need some jutes,
Nor cocaine, joint or blunt
‘cuz you’re the reason why
I got to fly so high
Ecstacy is not a need for me
Whenever you’re around,
Come near me, talk to me
and my batteries wouldn’t drain

I don’t need to take drugs
‘cuz you’re already enough
to make me high and satisfied…
there would be no side effects
‘cuz I know it’s safe to use you as a drug.
I don’t care if they’d say I’m addict,
‘cuz I’m really an addict,
I’m so addicted to you,
Addicted to use a drugs like you

I don’t have to roll and light up a ganja,
Puff it up and pass it to a friend.
I don’t want to puff the real ganja
‘cuz I want you to be the hemp
I’ll be puffin’ and smokin’ up
And just forget about passing it to a friend
I can change cannabis sativa
To 1-4-3 like a scientific word for those
I’ll try to leave that pot
And find a way and spot in your heart

You’re the plant I planted in my life
And you’re the leaf that grown in my heart
I want you to be the doobie doo of my life
‘cuz you are the perfect drug I’ve ever loved,
the perfect drug that I have knew

-most abused masterpiece i made.